The choreographies listed here are mainly the ones that I created for the Staatsballett Berlin or its ballet dancers and works that I delivered for special events such as dance projects of the ‘free scene’ or the „free-scene“ or fashion shows.

Deja-vu?!, Shut up and Dance, Staatsballett Berlin
Bodylanguage, Shut up and Dance Updated, Staatsballett Berlin
Moment Musical, Festival Tanztage Sophiensaele Berlin
To be continued, Shut up and Dance Reloaded, Komische Oper Berlin
Dance me, Fashion Week Berlin
Augenblick, Gala Sarajevo
La Llorona, Gala Elisa Cabrera y Amigos
Quinque viae – Dynamics of Existence, Staatsballett Berlin
Live now, think later, Kremlin Gala Moscow
Occhi chuisi, Lopatkina Gala Moscow
In vain, Staatsballett Berlin
Take a breath, Staatsballett/Bolshoi Ballet – Kremlin Gala Moscow
Etude Nº1, Dance Summit with Prof. M. Puttke, Staatsballett Berlin
…lo que no puedes decir…, Wiener Staatsballett, Liudmila Konovalova
Prelude c-moll, Tokio Ballet
At the ball, Staatsballett Berlin – Polen Gezmis
Running System, The VII Annual Gala of the Stars, LA, California
PA ZU RU, Osaka, Japan
CASTA DIVA, Staatsballett