Bodylanguage – Staatsballett Berlin-Berghain

Bodylanguage – Staatsballett Berlin-Berghain

Body Language from Xenia Wiest on Vimeo.   Group Bodylanguage - By Enrico Nawrath

The ballet evening “Shut up& Dance! Updated” serves as a platform for young choreographers. Because of its former big success it was brought back on stage and this time in cooperation with the renowned Berlin techno club Berghain. The concept of this evening was to create five different choreographies to the music written by five different DJ’s who among others reside at Berghain.

The Bridge and tunnel people” was my choice, this work by NSI inspired me to create the choreography “Bodylanguage“. The piece is rather abstract but there is a general thought behind it which constitutes its frame. It is an idea of humans being caught in a repetitious pattern of life, imprisoned in their daily routines which can be very difficult to break free from. The purpose of the whole evening was to encourage the young public to watch ballet and to expand the limits and boundaries of classical dance and to see what happens when one blends it/combines it with electronic music.


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2007 Shut up & Dance/ Staatsballett Berlin in Berghain
Name: Bodylanguage
Musik: NSI/ Tobias Freun und Max Loderbauer
4 Tänzerinnen: Natalia Munoz/Natalia Palshina, Xenia Wiest, Vladislav Marinov, Dominic Hodal
kostüme: Padraic Buckley Xenia Wiest
Länge: ca. 12min.
Worldpremiere: 27.06.2007
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