Take a breath

Take a breath

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Take a breathThe choreography “Take a breath“, was created as a commissioned work for the renowned “Kremlin Gala of Stars of the 21st Century” and premiered on the 7th October 2012 in Moscow.

This Ballet Gala is an unique event, which brings a variety of established as well as emerging stars and starlets of the ballet world together on stage in an evening… An evening where one experiences the highest art of traditional dance as well as a modern choreography.

It was a collaboration between me, the soloists of the Berlin State Ballet, Vladislav Marinov and an expressive ballet dancer of the Bolshoi’s theater, Anastasia Vinokur.

The Take a breath challenge

It was a big challenge for me, because I have created this piece without personally knowing Anastasia -one of my performers-. In order to get to know her better and to create an image of what kind of artist she was and what were her strengths and personality we were regularly in touch and I also allowed myself to make a research on her artistic history.

It was very important for me that she would feel comfortable on stage and would be able to identify herself with the choreography.
After we have completed the piece together with Vladislav in Berlin, we had exactly one week time with Anastasia to prepare it and make it ready for the presentation at the Gala.

It was a very intensive work and for me, my first experience of creating a piece for a dancer whom I had never met before. I had to trust my intuition and feelings and to hope that it was going to work out…. and considering the reception of the piece both by the public and the dancers it seems that it did.

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Name: Take a breath

Music: Giovanni Sollima
Costumes: Julia Mottl
Anastasia Vinokur
Vladislav Marinov

Lenght: ca.8min
Worldpremiere: 07.10.2012 Kremlin Gala Moscow


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4 December, 2014