To be continued

To be continued

To be continued from Xenia Wiest on Vimeo.

to be continuedWhen something comes, something must go.
 This idea can be as banal as it is in everyday life and at the same time as all-encompassing as the archaic concept of death and rebirth. 
Everything must remain in balance.
This cycle is infinite and constantly repeated.
 It continues forever.

 Even as a title “To be continued” seemed to have quite fascinating influence on the choreography it self….

Parts of music were still being created even after I  had begun with the choreographing process.
With each new passage of music, which I received from Patrick Soluri, I had to find new approach to the sequences of movements that had already been created and together with my dancers let the motions spin and develop in the right direction.
 It was a working process accompanied by the constant thrill of not knowing what could we expect in the next “musical delivery”.

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Name: to be continued
Music: Patrick Soluri
Costumes: Melanie Jane Frost
Light: Xenia Wiest
6 Dancers:

Sebnem Gülseker
Alexander Korn
Anastasia Kurkova
Sven Seidelmann
Weronika Frodyma
Giacomo Bevilacqua

Lenght: 16min
Worldpremiere: 15.01.2010


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22 June, 2014